WARNING :  Objects are closer than they appear

Albany Magazine, September/October 1991

Breezing Through the Good Life City on the Dixie Highway South
Albany Magazine, December/January 1992
The Blue Sow - Symbol of Survival
Albany Magazine, March 1995
Hot Grits & Blue Yonder
Albany Magazine, April 1995
Cherry Bombs, Hot Rods, & the Intrusion of Grace
Albany Magazine, May 1995
Real Men Don't Fly-fish
Albany Magazine, June 1995
All You Ever Wanted to Know - and More - About Chinaberries
Albany Magazine, July, 1995
Sell House... Send Money
Albany Magazine, September/October 1995
Shoalies, Flumes, und der Thunderkracken
Albany Magazine, November/December 1995
Genetic Integrity... Among Partridges and Other Southern Indigena
Albany Magazine, January/February 1996
Bubble Gum & Sunshine : Memories of Radium Springs
Albany Magazine, March/April 1996
Weekend Warriors
Albany Magazine, May/June 1996
Rattlesnakes, Coachwips & the Fall of Man
Albany Magazine, July/August 1996
Dove Tactics for the Ethically Bankrupt & Morally Depraved
Albany Magazine, September/October 1996
Time, Blackwater & a Gibbous Moon
Albany Magazine, November/December 1996
The Famous Bull Shooting Contest at Thronateeska Farms
Albany Magazine, January/February 1997
Spared Rods & Spoiled Children
Albany Magazine, March/April 1997
Snake Musk & Moonlight : An Investigation into Gynic Metamorphosis

Albany Magazine, May/June 1997

The Bliss of Solitude

Albany Magazine, March/April 1998

The Hanging of Lana Herbolt

Albany Magazine, May/June 1998

Ludowici Squirrels

Albany Magazine, July/August 1998

The Law's Delay

Albany Magazine, September/October 1998

Dead Last

Albany Magazine, April/May 1999

Lurid Lab Interludes : For Geeche, Gone to Glory

Albany Magazine, August/September 1999

Iguana, Armadillos, and the White Witch

Albany Magazine, October/November 1999

The Outer Darkness

Albany Magazine, December/January 1999/2000

A Southwest Georgia Gar Roundup

Georgia Sportsman, August 1990

Mudcats, Warmouths, & Yellowflies

Georgia Sportsman, February 1992

A Day on Water's Creek

Georgia Sportsman, July 1993

Altamaha Mullet

Georgia Sportsman, January 1995

Stalking Ludowici Redfins

Georgia Sportsman, May 1995

In Town Belly-Boat' Bows

Georgia Sportsman, March 1996

The Torments of Hell

Gray's Sporting Journal, March 1997

There's No Shame in Missing a Bobwhite Quail

Gray's Sporting Journal, August/September 1999

In the Bowels of the White Witch

Gray's Sporting Journal, February/March 2000

Bear Ballet

Gray's Sporting Journal, April 2001

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