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   Where Remedies Lie
O. Victor Miller & Dr. James A. Hotz

This books is a must-read for students and professionals in all areas of medicine.  It also provides a unique opportunity for others to become absorbed in a tale rich with intriguing characters living in an unusual culture.  I applaud the authors.

---Neil Shulman, M.D. and author of Doc Hollywood

This is as complete and positive a picture of practice in rural America as I have encountered.

---W. Douglas Skelton, M.D., Senior Vice President for University Research Health Affairs, Dean, School of Medicine, Mercer University


   One Man's Junk
O. Victor Miller

As with the very best writers, Miller puts you so squarely into the action of his stories you forget they are written.  You are there.  And you get re-amazed at each of these strikingly different, strikingly alive stories, stories - as their teeth sink in - that leave you sucking in your breath, shaking your head, laughing out loud.  One Man's Junk was this man's pleasure.

---Clyde Edgerton

Vic Miller is one of the most innovative, intuitive Southern writers since Faulkner - on a par with Cormac McCarthy.  Every word in One Man's Junk has been weighed.

---Janice Daugharty

   City Fishing
Richard Chiappone, Jerry Dennis, Ian Frazier, Pete Fromm, Paul Guernsey, Dave Hughes, Nick Lyons, O. Victor Miller, Seth Norman, James Prosek, Charles Rangeley-Wilson, Jon Rounds, Art Scheck, and Paul Schullery


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